Klassische Massage

Classic Massage

Classic massage (or Swedish massage, as it’s commonly known) focuses on muscle and related connective tissue. Specific areas of muscular tension and strain can be targeted using this method. Classic massage utilises five styles of strokes, namely sliding/gliding, kneading, friction, rhythmic tapping and vibration/shaking.
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Lomilomi is a traditional Hawaiian form of healing massage. Long, rhythmically applied strokes with the forearms, combined with a loosening of the joints, stretching and energy therapy have an unique relaxing effect on the body and spirit.
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Foot Reflexology Massage

Foot reflexology improves the functioning of disturbed organs or tissues in the body and encourages the strengthening of self-healing power. It leads to better regulation in the immune system, digestion, menstruation and muscular imbalances
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Sports Massage & Trigger Point Therapy

Applying specific techniques for the athlete, this massage enhances blood circulation in muscular tissue and promotes regeneration. A targeted trigger point therapy eases persistent muscular tension.
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komplementär mediz. Beratungen

Consultation in Complementary Medicine

Advice on plant medicine, spagyric (a herbal medicine made by alchemical techniques), biochemical cell salts and nutritional supplements for the promotion of overall well-being and the alleviation of discomfort.
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